DIWER - Compartment for air-handling units, without thermal cut

The DIWER series marks the beginning of production of air-handling units by Walter Weger Srl. It was launched for the first time in 1992 and it includes a great number of detailed solutions. Numerous factors speak in favor of the DIWER compartments. First of all, this series of devices allows for creating project designs almost unlimitedly. Secondly, it provides the ease of assembly, thanks to an innovative system of terminals. Owing to this system, we can avoid the use of screws and rivets, increasing the usefulness of sound insulation.
Moreover, endeavoring to offer even more customized solutions to our customers, we have developed a double compartment structure build with modular components that allows for both vertical assembling and horizontal one. Thus, the terminal system created by us doesn’t only guarantee a better look and maintenance, but it is also a way to facilitate the assembly and disassembly of the structure, without use of special tools.

DIWER – a classical housing structure

Weger is known among its customers for the fast deliveries. These are possible thanks to the use of a single type of a panel, that has allowed us to speed up significantly the production processes for our customers.

As for the material and the component selection, we do not compromise. The DIWER series is protected in every field of application, for example, from corrosion, thanks to the anodization process. The components, instead, are chosen from the leading manufacturers in the market, particularly from those of the German area.

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