DIWER EVO - the Weger containment structure with axial screw

The starting point for the development of model DIWER EVO was DIWER and the related equipment, besides the fact that for this model we have used the results obtained by our research and development department, which is why we speak of an EVO model. Unlike the previous model, this one has the thermal cut and plastic profiles to ensure a better thermal insulation. Also for DIWER EVO, we have maintained the therminal system that provides an easy access to all components of the structure, by blocking the profile panels and keeping the plastic seals in their place.

EVO – quality and durability

Our DIWER EVO compartment for air handling units is designed to be particularly resistant. This is why we tie all the journal boxes and connections with a rubber band, and supply this as a standard base of measure 1512, mounted already on our frame.

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